Rock n Roll Bride - The ultimate guide for alternative brides


Bollywood Inspired Wedding in Italy


Francesca Vecchi

April 11, 2024

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner, that's step one when it comes to planning a rock n' roll wedding! One of our favourite ways to do this is to look to both of your heritages and pull references from both sides, creating a really personal, perfect blend of the two of you. That's exactly what Pietro and Ilaria, who got married in Parma, Italy did. Creating a day that was a fusion between India and Italy, meant they had incredible food and wedding style from Italy, paired with all the colours, dances, and vibes from India.

Punk Eleganza: A Homage Vogue Ball Culture & Queer Art Spaces


Aaron Ehinger

March 20, 2024

When asked to describe their wedding theme, Kaaren and Crispin said it was "A homage to first wave and post-wave venues and basement shows and vogue ball culture and queer art spaces." They drew inspiration from the DIY punk scenes, drag ballroom aesthetics, speakeasies and underground culture from the 1980s and 90’s gay liberation movement. They wanted their wedding to be a big celebration of their ancestors from the first wave of alternative and queer punk/rock music.

Colourful, Tropical Tiki Bar Wedding with a Focus on Fun


Photography by Vicki

March 18, 2024

Ana and Chris met on OK Cupid, bonding quickly over their mutual love of travel. Ana was actually Chris' first online date and six years later they were married! They wanted their day to be non-traditional, full of colour and to have lots of nods to recent travels (Ana's dress had custom embroidered patches on it of things directly inspired by some locations they've visited together – Easter Island, Singapore, Mexico… and of course, London, where they now live).